arrows = ride




4 = change bike

esc = pause

shift = turbo

c = change view

space = handbrake

r = reset game

g = reset bike

e = police lights

h = hide instructions

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Faramel Games

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Real Moto Stunts Challenge

Already when you were a little boy, you fell in love with the motorcycles, which you firstly saw on TV. Then you saw the action of the legendary Travis Pastrana when he was performing a backflip in real time. Amazed, you said to yourself that you will once make it too, and that you will be even better than the legend of this discipline. You started training the same day and since then you have not missed a single day. This passion has got you so much that you have finally become a top rider who is gonna show off on a newly built track just outside the city yet today. Prepare for the greatest freestyle event! Jumping in the air, flips, turns, and occasionally tough landings, all these things are parts of this discpline no matter what. Time is running out, so let's show what is inside your rider's soul! Have fun.

Published on Jan 24, 2018

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