3 = change weapon

c = crouch

space = jump

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Warmerise - Red vs Blue is a web-based multiplayer game allowing 1st person and 3rd person view in which a team of blue and red players fight each other with modern light and heavy weapons. The game offers multiple maps to play as well as option of create and join clans of players of Warmerise game.

Warmerise game has been made in Unity game engine and released in 2013. According to Warmerise forum, the game is still under active development. Last big update was a move to WebGl technology which allowed to make the game playable again in all main browsers after the end of Unity Web player.

Despite the poor graphics, Warmerise Lite available at this page is up to date version of Warmerise game. There have not been many improvements in this matter in the game for years - by playing Warmerise you can truly look how Unity games looked in 2013.

Game features

  • 11 unique default maps + lots of custom maps
  • 14 various primary weapons
  • 7 various secondary weapons
  • 7 additional weapons
  • weapon skins
  • character customizations
  • 3 game modes - TDM, Elimination, ball
  • room customization - duration, players, private / public, 3rd person view
  • customizable game controls
  • optimized game size - files such as maps are downloaded in a time of need


Warmerise | Red vs Blue has been developed by NSdesignGames.

Warmerise for android

There was a discussion around Warmerise port for Android and iOS device back in March 2019. Since that time, there was no contribution in this topic from developer of Warmerise as well as there have not been released any version of the game intended for mobile devices.

Warmerise user account

Warmerise game allows creation of user account for unlocking ranks, purchases, skins and other game adjustments and features. This account is not managed by PacoGames and PacoGames is not responsible for anything related to this account.

Warmerise Unblocked

If you have found Warmerise blocked on your electronic device, most likely this is due to blocking by network or device administrator. To play the game in this case you need to change the network or device you are connecting from. For now we are not aware of any available alternative proxy server for the game. More information to avoid blocking.


  • On the splash screen page with an ad, find and press strong text “Play now” to skip the ad and moving into the game

Published on May 14, 2013

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