Shoot a Goal!

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Shoot a Goal!

Get ready to showcase your accuracy and shooting skills in Shoot a Goal! Each level presents a new challenge as you aim to score the perfect goal. With two game modes, 36 exciting levels, and an endless mode, this game will keep you entertained and striving for soccer greatness. Are you up for the challenge? Good luck!

In Shoot a Goal!, your objective is simple yet challenging - score a goal! Take aim, calculate the trajectory, and strike the ball with precision to hit the target. Each level tests your accuracy and finesse as you navigate through various obstacles and goalkeeper defenses. Adjust your angle, power, and technique to overcome the challenges and become a master goal scorer!

The game offers two exciting modes to keep you engaged. In the 36-level mode, you'll face a series of progressively difficult challenges, each requiring precise shots to score. Can you conquer all 36 levels and prove your skills? If you're up for an endless challenge, the endless mode awaits you. Test your endurance and see how many goals you can score before time runs out!

Select the difficulty that suits your preference by choosing the number of shots available. Take on the 10-shot challenge for a quicker and more intense gameplay experience, or opt for the 20-shot mode to allow more room for strategic shots and exploration. The choice is yours!

Key Game Features:

  • Score goals with accuracy and skill
  • 36 challenging levels to conquer
  • An endless mode for an ultimate goal-scoring test
  • Select difficulty with 10 or 20 shots

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Jun 24, 2023

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