RAM Pressure

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RAM Pressure is a multiplayer strategy game inspired by XCOM game. Player become a leader of commando unit and have to accomplish the main mission - get the alien samples befor any other commando team.

About Game

Once, the Ram Pressure effect occurs. Unknown alien object is now on Earth. What is it? Is it dangerous or it could help humanity in research? Goverment of every country wants this object for himself only! Everywhere around the world, special commando units are sent to gain the sample as first! It leads to chaos and fights. Every unit fight against each other in the crazy race for alien sample. Use the best possible strategy and eliminate your enemies. Are you ready to discover the truth behind this situation?

Main Features of the Game:

  • The game has procedurally generated maps, where day and night time is occuring. Adjust your tactic to day time and also to weather conditions
  • Class system - in the game there are total of 12 classes and 160 skills available.
  • Upgradeable items - upgrade your weapons and armors. You can choose from 100 guns and 10 weapon classes.
  • Buildings and environments are destructible - make easily your way to the enemy.

Any Problems in the Game?

Maybe you found some bugs that need to be fixed? Remember game is in Beta testing and it is our duty (gamers duty) to help with developing of the games! If you see any in-game bugs, you can report them via email: [email protected], also stay updated via facebook and twitter accounts.

Available Languages

  • English: Full localization
  • Russian: Only interference and subtitles

Age rating: PACO16

Published on Mar 19, 2020

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