Masked Forces 2: Invasion

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4 = guns

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space = jump

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Masked Forces 2: Invasion

You and your friends are in the hell. Everywhere is sand, temperature is at least fifty degrees. Where your eye can see, all around is a desert. Try to find your way out. You will lose the rest of your hope when you find out that you are not alone in this desert. It's really the gateway to the hell. You and your allies are under attack of the waves of enemies and there is many of them.There are demons and skeletons of all classes, for example archers, warriors, and magicians. Maybe if you kill all your enemies, you will save the world. Because the hell is just starting here and definitely not going to stay on this place. If you want to play against people, you can play FFA mode and no one will be your friend. Have fun.

Published on Apr 30, 2018

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