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arrows = drive

r = reset car

c = camera

i = ignition

space = hand brake

enter = send message

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Madalin Cars Multiplayer

Madalin Cars Multiplayer is not just an ordinary driving game... Impressive graphic design, destruction model, racing with other players in the multiplayer arena, driving on real race tracks, and possibility of visual modifications on all cars... If you are not in the game yet, you are making a huge mistake! This browser game literally owns all other racing games! Take a look around and explore places that will thoroughly test dampers of your shiny sports car. Dozens of luxury cars, an open world map with obstacle course and total freedom, all together creating an unique experience which this exceptional game offers. Bugatti, Ferrari, McLaren, Ford, Pagani, Lamborghini... should we continue? You better try them in action! Have fun.

Published on Feb 6, 2018

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