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KoGaMa games

All KoGaMa games take place in a unique block-based KoGaMa World inhabited by Lego-similar KoGaMa characters represented by players of the game. All KoGaMa games are free 3D multiplayer online games developed by players for players in the KoGaMa game engine.

Despite very similar up to the same visual look, individual KoGaMa games may vary quite heavily each other - especially in the game genre. There are games including parkour, fun, Arcade and RPG elements, shooting or a great adventure, it all usually combined together. Simply, same look, different experience. You can find also links to popular games such as Minecraft, Fortnite or even Pokemons in the games.

KoGaMa games are freely shareable across the internet. This page dedicated to KoGaMa games contain selection of the best games made with the use of KoGaMa game engine.

KoGaMa - a bit different game developer

Every game developer has a certain signature which is recognizable in his games. You could find really many of them in KoGaMa games, however, their origin is different. Actually, KoGaMa is not game developer as you could think, instead of developing games they develop an environment in which players themselves can create their games. If you know Roblox games, it's basically the same case. Game appearance and gameplay is not thus affected by favourite things and elements of the people in KoGaMa team, but options which the kogama game engine offer to players and creators of kogama game at the same time.

Key features in KoGaMa games

  • Open 3D world with free movement
  • Multiplayer gameplay with high number of players in the map
  • Similar apparence and gameplay, very different game design of each game
  • Wide selection of available customization for player's avatar
  • Everyone can make own kogama game

Unblocked KoGaMa games

You can find Kogama games blocked at your school or job network, most likely this is due to blocking by network or device administrator. Unblocking very problematic in this case, the simplies way is to change the network you are connecting to or unblock it in your device administrator, if you have access to it.

Many other games is hosted on more locations, available under more web addresses. This is not the case of KoGaMa games, which all are hosted and operated exclusively by KoGaMa website. Wherever you will find KoGaMa games on the internet, all the games will be loaded from KoGaMa website, so if Kogama website is being blocked in your network, all kogama games will be blocked also on all gaming websites.

More information about KoGaMa

  • KoGaMa games are operated by Multiverse ApS company
  • Multiverse ApS company was founded by 4 people in 2010
  • KoGaMa website with first games was launched in 2011
  • All KoGaMa games are web-based only, using WebGL for their running
  • Kogama is a registered trademark