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Our category of free games like minecraft features gaming titles from various genres, but with one shared denominator - Minecraft. The craze that is built around this phenomenon will take you on adventure to the world with pixel graphics and amazing stories. Build your own houses, excavate terrains, mine rare ores, or craft equipment for your new virtual world! Join the battlefield, and fight against enemy team in breath-taking warfare. Play a soccer match with square-headed characters. Shoot down wild boars while exploring dark forest nearby the Caverns of Time. Visit Slayway Camp and resolve the truth behind mysterious stories which are supposed to summon dark creatures from unknown realms of evil. Participate in pixel-animated gunfights, crazy pursuits, and intense sniper duels. Stalk upon your prey and stab it from the shadows. Zombie apocalypse in a Minecraft world? The rumors came true. They are spreading faster than a virus, and if no one stops them within one hour, this world will be eradicated. Will you accept this challenge to save the legendary pixel world? Grab rocket launcher and start clutching!

Are you ready to change the future? Warriors, mages, and archers from all over the world have gathered to participate in the biggest battle of our history. You can lead your nation to this bloodbath too and once you become victorious, your name will never be forgotten. Crack square-shaped skulls, crush bones, and thrash carcasses. Fast-paced action mixed with tactical fights, all what demanding gamer needs! Escape hungry monsters, hunt down wild prehistoric animals, or take care of lovely pets right from Minecraft world! Expect explosive action, adrenaline-packed blasts, and furious rides! Challenge the very best drivers from remote places of Minecraft plains and forests and face them in super dangerous race where the stakes are high. Win, or die... Cross the finish line first, else you'll be eaten alive by failed experiment which you really don't want to see... This inhuman creature is more than three metres tall and can break you just with its sight. Are you scared? No? You should be! Stop zombie invasion, and protect this world before cruel invaders!