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Yohoho io is a top-down, quick-progress based multiplayer browser game with signs of the battle royal game genre. Game play is taking place on a tropical island of limited size on which pirates fight each other for dominance / survival.

Game design

All the Pirates listen up! Get on your boats and head straight to the fabulous island for an unforgettable adventure. Fight with other pirates for dominance and get the island! There are many in the world, so try to get every single one. Yohoho is io game that brings you the simplicity of both gaming and graphics. But this is not a problem of course. Enjoy the classic Battle Royale. Fight in an area that has not yet been contaminated. Over time, the board becomes smaller and if you forget youself there, you can die there. Collect coins and level up your character. There are even more coins falling from the enemies you killed. How long will you survive? Watch your statistics in the table. For enough money, you can unlock new pirate skins. Have fun.

Game features

  • Simple, addictive and challenging gameplay
  • Character customizations based on ingame currency economy
  • Randomly selected game areas to play at

Yohoho.io account

Yohoho game allows creation of user account for unlocking ranks, purchases, skins and other game adjustments and features. This account is not managed by PacoGames and PacoGames is not responsible for anything related to this account.

Yohoho.io unblocked

If you have found Yohoho.io blocked on your electronic device, most likely this is due to blocking by network or device administrator. To play the game in this case you need to change the network or device you are connecting from, or find yet not blocked proxy server in your network - try googling for "Yohoho.io proxy" or check for more information to avoid blocking.

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Apr 11, 2019

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