Trust Me, I got this!

Trust Me, I got this! is a fun 2D casual adventure game made at Global Game Jam Prague in 2020 by 4 game developers in 48 hours. The game offers "humorous" situations occurring when repairing broken things in an apartment, accompanied with entertaining dialogues in the Czech language. Fortunately, UI interface of the game is in english, so everyone can enjoy great fun while playing the game.

  • Fun game design, short gameplay
  • Cool graphics inspired by games by Amanita Design
  • Interesting GameJam game made in a weekend
  • Handyman simulator

Developed by:

  • Adam Berlinger - programming
  • Michal Berlinger - programming
  • Václav Blín - art and animation
  • Lukáš Kunce - music and sounds


  • Web browser
  • Windows
  • Mac OS

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Feb 12, 2020

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