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Prepare your mouse, because clicking storm has just begun. Play our Clicker Games and beat any fearsome boss just with your mouse. The more you click, the more damage you deal, so focus and click even faster! Use power-ups and temporarily improve efficiency of everything you do. Strike from heavens for extra dps burst, critical boost, Hand of Midas for insane gold income, fire sword for amplification of your total damage output, and artifacts and relics giving you unimaginable powers whenever you manage to control them.

Clicker games are much more than just simple clicking on objects. Reveal myths and legends several thousands years old. Unhide mysteries beyond our thinking that will take you to the even more complex ones. Fight with virtual bosses possessing invincible powers. Collect coins and purchase upgrades, or followers that will help you battling enemies and evil creatures. Whether a knight, a king, or just a villager, everybody has to click! Take on missions that can change the world as we know it. Stop the apocalypse, and give people new hope. Check your garage, and tune your Lamborghini to increase its performance. Face the trolls, and navigate them through many entertaining levels. Clickbait your CEO, and make him wonder what's wrong with the figures of the company. Nothing, it was just a prank! Then do the same to your colleagues, they will just love you.

Talk to George the Fish, or travel back in time to experience living of prehistoric people. Break down your PC, and see which components are the easiest ones to destroy. Torture celebrities like Kanye West or Justin Bieber. Persuade presidents to sign important documents allowing you to use nuclear weapons. Hell, they didn't read that document for sure... Baited! Get your mouse into a ready position, because you never know when you have to perform a clutch click that will change the outcome of the whole game! One click can change so many things, you can't even imagine. Are you ready for unforgettable clicking journey? One clicking adventure is around the corner, so join us and we'll together experience an amazing time!