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WASD = move

mouse = free view

esc = menushop

e = farming

r = drop

g = reset vehicle

c = change view

v = change vehicle

space = hand brake

l = lights

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You may know the game Farming Simulator from PC, PS4, Xbox One, or from mobile devices, but this is the world premiere of its WebGL version, which allows you to play this game in your browser. Take role of a young farmer who has one big goal. He wants to grow his farming business, and become rich. As you harvest your first crops, you realize that this will be a long run. You do not have enough money to buy all those fancy and expensive farming vehicles that would make your life easier. You have just one tractor, and that is it. Work hard day in, day out, and first success will come. Sell your first harvest, and invest your money into better vehicles, or buy equipment like plows, or trailers. Breed animals, buy additional farms, and grow your business like never before! After your gaming session, do not forget to save your progress of a successful farming bussinessman in game menu! You do not want your hard work to be lost! Have fun.

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