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Our business games online will test your managing skills and abilities to solve important problems. Build a brand from scratch and hire new workers for your company. Search for qualified people which would suit the available positions pretty well. Running a successful business is extremely difficult. Competition wants to see you in red numbers, they aren't here to help you. This is your own fight. Invest your time into a new project and set sail for better tomorrow! Success comes with dedication and hard work. Expand your business connections, travel on business trips and seek for new partners or clients. Progress through company ladder and become one of the top-level managers. Lead a group of people, give them orders and guide them through their job duties. Earn absurd amount of money as the CEO of international concern. Get the best employees and make your business grow. Earn cash on daily basis, and enter the world of richest people in the world. Purchase yachts, houses, and luxury cars like a real billionaire!

Run offices in places all over the world, and lead them to success. Make your business boom, and expand into different markets. Set financial strategy for next fiscal year, and analyze data from previous quarters. Invest into more assets, watch the opportunities for further investments, and control budget of your company. Set bonus programs for your employees, look for health benefits like gym tickets or lava shell massages, or for weekly sport activities like tennis or volleyball. The best businessmen in the world are always sales oriented. Sales are always the element which is coming back and keeps putting money into your pockets! Planning, having a good plan is necessary, but making it reality is even more important. Social skills and communication comes with many factors which can make you successful or the opposite. There is a difference between the boss and the leader. Everything is tied together. Even curiosity... without it, there is no potential for expansion and non-expanding business equals unsuccessful business, sooner or later, your competition will crush you! Sense the future and get rich now in one of our business building games!