WASD = move

mouse = shoot

e = interaction

space = jump

shift = run

p = pause


2 = weapons

v = camera

u = open parachute

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L.A.Crime Stories 4

L.A.Crime Stories 4 is a fourth part of the gta-like action game. The game with RPG elements and open world contains a lot of missions. Earn money, steal cars and took over the crime in L.A.

About Game

The LA Crime-series typical for its open world is returning to the luxurious and vicious LA A. It has everything that a legend of the criminal world needs: a huge fleet of cars, motorcycles, boats, which are provided with realistic physics. LA Crime attracts all the bad guys who want to illegally earn money, here you can meet the criminal from any corner of the earth. Updated textures in the game turn LA Crime into a vivid and vibrant city that drags you into a realistic city full of life and vice. Pass all the story missions in new areas of the city, enjoy the realistic graphics of the winter city, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the New Year holidays. Deal with all competitors, become the leader in a criminal city and do not give a single chance to small gangs. Have fun.

Game Features:

  • improved graphic models of characters and cars
  • complete freedom of action
  • a huge number of weapons
  • unlimited ammount of ​​gameplay
  • added additional image customization options
  • many challenging missions

Age rating: PACO16

Published on Apr 14, 2020

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