Attack Of The Dead

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Attack Of The Dead

Join the battle for survival against hordes of hungry undead in "Attack of the Dead". Arm yourself, strategize, and fight to become humanity's last hope!

Prepare for a thrilling survival experience in this relentless game where the undead have taken over. As one of the few remaining survivors, you'll face a constant onslaught of zombies hungry for flesh. Equip yourself with powerful weapons and fortifications to fend off waves of zombies that grow in strength and number as you progress through the levels.

Game Features:

  • Desperate Struggle for Survival: Arm yourself with potent weapons and defenses to withstand increasingly ferocious waves of zombies.
  • Progressive Level of Difficulty: Showcase your tactical prowess as hordes of zombies intensify at each stage.
  • Unique Locations: Explore desolate cities, dark dungeons, and abandoned labs, each offering new challenges and secrets.
  • Variety of Enemies: Encounter different types of zombies, each with distinct traits. Identify weaknesses and enhance your survival odds.
  • Weapons and Upgrades: Enhance your gear and weaponry. Unlock unique skills to efficiently combat the zombie onslaught.
  • Improve Your Ranking: Compete with global players to set new records and boost your ranking. Prove your heroism in the apocalypse!

Prepare for an unending battle in "Attack of the Dead" and demonstrate your survivor skills in this gripping game. Download it now to become humanity's last stand against the horrifying zombie threat!

Age rating: PACO12

Published on Aug 22, 2023

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