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Dive into the action-packed world of Counter Terror, a game that blends the excitement of CS with high-speed car battles. With over 10 types of weapons, 8 dynamic maps, and 4 customizable cars, the adrenaline never stops!

Choose your side in thrilling game modes like 'DeathMatch' and 'Team DeathMatch,' and climb the military ranks from a common soldier to the prestigious 'General,' unlocking more powerful weapons with each promotion.

Explore the urban chaos in maps like "Big City" and "GTA SA," where you can spawn cars from the garage, turning the battlefield into a vehicular warzone. Take advantage of strategic car combat and unleash chaos on your opponents!

Join forces with like-minded players by affiliating with clans like "CCCP" or "DOLG." Coordinate strategies, dominate the opposition, and climb the ranks together!

Key Game Features:

  • Immersive CS-Style Action with Cars
  • Wide Array of Weapons and Customizable Cars
  • Dynamic Maps and Game Modes
  • Military Rank Progression with Enhanced Weapon Power
  • Strategic Car Combat and Vehicular Warfare
  • Clan Affiliation for Team Collaboration

Are you ready to experience the thrill of Counter Terror? Engage in intense battles, master a variety of weapons, and dominate the battlefield with your team!

Age rating: PACO16

Published on 2023年11月23日

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