Clash of Stickman Warrior

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Clash of Stickman Warrior

Clash of Stickman Warrior is logic shooter game. Player has to eliminate all targets (enemies). It is not that easy. Many obstacles are in the way. Find a solution and overcome them. You will need a logic.

The fight can start. You have onen mission. Eliminate all enemies. They are not waiting for you. Take them by surprise! One by one. Or will you find the way, how to eliminate more of them? Use surroundings. Everything can helps you. Aim accurately. You have only limited number of ammo. Try to finish all the levels. They will become more challenging later. Secret organisation needs your skills. Prepare for an awesome adventure Have fun!


  • Easy control and fun gameplay
  • Playable smoothly in the browser
  • Challenging levels, player has to find creative way for elimination of enemy
  • Shooter game suitable for younger as well, no brutal violece

Age rating: PACO12

Published on May 30, 2020

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