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Galactic Attack

Galactic Attack is a 2D fast shooter game. Kill your enemies and avoid their rockets. The game has 8 levels and includes 2 boss fights. Only the best pilot can finish this game.

You are the fighter that fights against dangerous aliens. Get on the board of your space ship and start your epic fight. Shoot your enemies. Use many different types of weapons. Avoid their shoots and rockets. The game is nicely challenging and you will enjoy hard boss fights. Humanity needs you. You are the last stand fighter. Have fun.


  • Mobile and Computer friendly game - you can choose controls at the beginning
  • No violence - suitable for all ages
  • 8 challenging levels and 2 boss fights
  • Fast action, great controling of the space ship

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Apr 6, 2020

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