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Nature, sun is shining, beautiful sceneries, perfect companions, and... horses! Our horse games for girls category will take you for an unforgettable ride on cute ponies, fast stallions, and mighty mustangs. Breed your own favorite species and take care of it from its very first steps to its maturity. Give it food, play with it, and make a horse your BFF. Put a saddle on it and ride a horse casually along the lake, or win one of the most prestigious horse-races in the country as a top jockey. And if you are not into horse racing games, you can try betting on one of the dark horses of the course. Once your favorite wins, you can expect a lot of money coming your way! Even horses can make you insanely rich!

Build a strong friendship with your animal companion and travel around the world. Visit interesting places and perform in circus shows as renowned artists. Dress up these lovely animals, take care of them, feed them, and treat them well. Snap fantastic photos of these majestic animals, put them on social networks, and become famous photographer of horses. Instagram world is waiting for your pics! Here's the tip! Dress up as Cinderella, saddle your white horse and escape before the clock strikes midnight. You may even find your prince out there, you never know!

Ride like the wind on a track, or visit stables, and spend some time with one of your horse pets. Mount up, and get ready for the ride of your life at place where it all began, at great plains of America. Virgin plains, and miles and miles of fresh grass to graze. Texas Derby is looking for new talents! Perhaps, you should accept their offer and become a new star of their show. They are looking for a guy or a girl, who is willing to learn to speak with horses! Unreal? It is more than real. Rumors say that old Indians could talk to animals, so why you couldn't do it as well, right? Good luck in your journey of becoming a new horse ambassador!