Cake Shop: Bakery Chef Story

Cake Shop: Bakery Chef is nice 2D cooking game with many features and really long gameplay. Inside 60 levels of the game, you will travel many places, meet more yet interesting customers and especially - you will prepare incredible amount of tasty cakes from the most fresh and delicious materials such as real vanilla, chocolate or strawberries. The game is a bit similar to a simulator restaurant game, because it has implemented simple business model and also a point of failure - anything may go wrong. Either by your own mistake or because of a broken appliance. Have fun and good luck with the restaurant!


  • 60 different cake making levels that get more challenging as you make progress!
  • Lots of unlockable decorative elements! Bake cakes, decorate like a top cake chef and earn coins to upgrade your mobile kitchen!
  • Different interesting customers – from schoolkids to grandmas, everyone loves your stunning cake desserts! Make heart or star shaped cakes of different colors and decorate them as ordered to get more coins and pass levels!
  • Kitchen repair games: like in a real cake shop, something may go wrong with your cake baking tools! Fix a broken oven, mend cracked bowls and make sure you always have all baking ingredients that you need!
  • Prove you have what it takes to become a cake making professional!

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Apr 5, 2021

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