WASD = move

space = jump

F = enter the vehicle

r = reset the game

shift = walk

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Grand City Car Thief

Grand City Car Thief is a 3D driving game in the style of Grand Theft Auto games. Drive across the city and collect all cars. Steal them and put them in the garage.

Are you a car lover? How about collecting all the cars across the city? Find all the unique models of sports cars and transport them to your garage. In addition to sports vehicles you will find off-road and freight cars. The city is lively and full of people and mainly cops. Will you avoid them? Don't get caught. You can try the new 3D Driving Simulator for free in your browser. Have fun.


  • Open world, freedom
  • Many different cars
  • GTA like environment
  • Realistic physics of cars

Age rating: PACO12

Published on Jan 14, 2020

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