j = nitro

k = magnet

l = all wheel drive

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Climb Racing 3D

Climb Racing 3D is a challanging 2D driving game where player drives a car through hilly landscape while must to avoid tipping over. The game design works with limited fuel and need to upgrade various vehicle parts to get enough power, traction, handling and range to overcome very long distances. In fact, Climb Racing offers unlimited driving experience - you just need your vehicle good enough for that!

The game features 11 various vehicles of different types and each can be furthermore upgraded. Beside better driving characteristics you can enjoy also great voiceovers within the garage.

The game is easy to play but challenging to master, with simple controls that allow the player to accelerate, brake, and tilt the vehicle left or right. The game's physics engine is realistic, making it important for players to balance speed and control to avoid crashes. Drive your vehicle carefully and do not forget to collect coins and use bonuses such as nitro, all while drive or magnets that will make your rich.

Get into exciting gameplay that will keep you engaged for hours. Have fun!

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Feb 22, 2023

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