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Wheel of Bingo

Spin and score in Wheel of Bingo! Match numbers, collect balls, and aim for color matches in a thrilling two-part game.

Wheel of Bingo combines the classic excitement of bingo with the dynamic fun of a plinko-style color matching game, offering players a unique and engaging two-part challenge. In the first part of the game, you spin a wheel to match bingo numbers on your card. Each match not only scores you points but also earns you colored balls, which play a crucial role in the second part of the game. With up to 25 spins available, depending on the game mode, strategic spinning is key to maximizing your chances of completing bingo lines and earning extra balls.

In the second part of Wheel of Bingo, the collected balls come into play in a game reminiscent of plinko. Here, you drop balls onto a board to match colors and multiply your points. Each color match can significantly increase your score, with potential multipliers displayed at the top of the board. This part of the game tests your precision and timing, as you aim to position and launch the balls to maximize your score through strategic color matches.

The innovative blend of bingo and plinko mechanics makes Wheel of Bingo not just a game of chance, but also one of strategy and skill. Whether you're a bingo enthusiast or a fan of casual gaming, this game offers a fresh twist on traditional favorites, providing hours of entertainment and the thrill of the spin.

Key Game Features

  • Two-part gameplay featuring a bingo wheel and a color matching plinko board
  • Strategic opportunities with up to 25 spins per game mode
  • Exciting color match mechanics with potential for high score multipliers
  • User-friendly controls for spinning the wheel and launching balls
  • Engaging visual design and interactive gameplay elements

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Apr 25, 2024

1,120 plays Tags: Casual Casino HTML5 Mouse

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