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Hit hard and fast, otherwise you won't succeed. Our free boxing games are games for real hard-hitters and dedicated fighters! Step into the ring and face boxing superstars. If you have enough of courage, challenge them, and beat them. Beating Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali won't be forgotten. Face these world-class calibre boxers, and don't surrender. Punch them hard and accurately. Few jabs, and K.O. Knockout your famous opponent, and win the match of your life.

Before you hit the ring, train hard in your gym, work on your speed and strength. Quality strength training in the gym focusing on basic movements is the key to success of every legendary boxer. Practice punches, and become faster than lightning. Have some punching sessions with your sparrings, learn proper hitting technique, improve your right hook, and make it the most important tool of your fighting kit. Stepping into a ring during the title match is a completely different story. Hundreds of spectators are watching you live and millions are watching TV at home. Do you feel nervous? Forget about it, and remember those hours and hours of hard and sweating work in training room. Don't leave any area of your training regime lagging behind. You are as weak as your weakest part is. Eliminate this, and work on your stamina and endurance, because true boxing champions are all-rounded athletes.

Begin your competitive career in flyweight, win few matches, put on some muscle mass, and progress to heavier categories where much tougher opponents are waiting for you to knock-out you out of the game. Are they foolish? Or are they just too strong for you? Nobody is stronger than you, if you put mind and spirit into the battle. Box with heart, and success will come. Build-up a solid reputation on social networks. Make people know you and your boxing style. Become a phenomenon of the whole boxing scene. Climb the ladder, and never look back. Focus on moving forward, no stepping back. True legends are not born, they are forged in a boxing ring! Are you ready to become the next heavyweight champion?