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Our soccer games online collection is here along with amazing 3D match engines that will take your breath. Choose your favorite team, and win your league, or claim the Champions League trophy. Take the captain's role, and accept importance of this fact. Lead your team-mates during training sessions, motivate them during times when your team doesn't do that well, or point out their weak points, so they'll become better players. In the end, soccer is a team game, and one player can't do that much. So unite whole squad, and work on defense as well as on offense.

Play World Championship, and lead your country to victory from the field as a player, or from bench as a coach. Prepare the right tactic for your next opponent. Correct tactics has been decisive factor of many spectacular or surprising wins in the history of this sport. However, soccer comes, soccer goes. You never know what will happen in next few seconds. You'll get accidentally injured, and you are out for the rest of the season. That's where soccer doctors come into play. Physiotherapy, correct regeneration schedules, or specialized surgery, everything is needed to be working when you want to have a successful team.

Grow up your own talents from academies, buy new players from transfer market, and assign them to their most convenient positions. Be on a field with soccer superstars like Messi or Ronaldo, and celebrate every happy moment with them. Score goals, shoot from distance, aim your penalty shots, control the ball and dribble through defenders, and become MVP of the match! Make legends like Pelé or Maradona proud. Score goals from insane angles, outplay enemy defense, and make them look like clowns. This game is seemingly about shooting goals, but who is trying to stop attackers from doing it? Yeah, right, goalkeepers! These guys are often underestimated in terms of importance for a team, but they are actually the key point of success in every free soccer game. Without a good goalkeeper, no team can be winning constantly. You need that pillar of your game to be always on point with his performance, hands down!