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Here comes our hockey games online category! Jump on the ice, and help your team win the match. Begin your career in lower leagues, and work hard on your skills - one day, you may get drafted by a NHL team! Every team needs a leader, a scorer, a defender, or a big-hitter. No matter what role is the most natural for you, you must possess game sense. Without it, you won't succeed! Join the lines of your team and work hard to impress your coach. He gave you an opportunity to show yourself in checking line. Well, a decent start, but first line is much more attractive. That's the place where the true stars are born. Score a goal in every match, skate forward and get to the position which is ideal for the final pass. Practice shooting, and aim for the corner of the goal. Train everyday, and become the best scorer of the whole tournament. Work on your technique, and improve your wristshots and slapshots. Pass the puck to your teammates, and hit hard the enemy ones. Lead your team as captain, and raise Stanley Cup above your head. Will YOU be the next Wayne Gretzky? Then let's win the All-Stars match!

Play a game of air hockey with bunch of your friends and spend an afternoon full of fun and thrill about who is gonna win your custom tournament. You have even a trophy ready for the winner of the whole tourney, so try hard, dominate your friends, and claim it for yourself! One could say that air hockey is one of those hockey games for kids, but it's a false statement. This skill-based game is suitable for every age category! Let's play!

One slot has just opened in phenomenal Hall of Fame! Only the very best players in the history of this sport were invited to become members of this exclusive group - you may be the next one! You know what you must do, it's all about scoring goals, goals, and once again goals! Problem? Enemy defenders and their goalkeeper. Well, not for the player of your format!