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Become a manager of one of the real NFL teams like New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, or Carolina Panthers, and turn the tides of battle for the Super Bowl Ring. Purchase the best players, train them, and teach them your gaming philosophy. If you are more into athletics, start your own NFL pro player career. Begin in high school teams, fight your way to some successful university team, and find the way to become a NFL pro. Use your talent, and see what position suits you the best. Quarterback, lineman, or running back, every position is for different type of player.

Manage your team, give instructions to your players, and motivate them to show even better performance on the field than in previous matches. Match of the season is around the corner. If you win, you will win the whole league and the trophy will be yours. One of the dreams of every football player or a coach may come true! Learn to pass fast, and run even faster. Train hard, and improve your individual attributes which every football player must have: strength, speed, agility, technique, and dedication. Kick the ball American Football Kicks style, and score a point! Watch out for wind conditions and aim your kick accordingly. Is it a strong wind to your left? Then aim more to the right side! Be smart!

Master all kicking abilities and score as many points as possible during the nerve-racking match. Touchdown! Oh no, enemy team has just scored... You should create an offensive formation and strike back! 1st line, 2nd line, daaamn... And here you go! Points for you, it's a tie now... Kick the ball and score the deciding point! Enter the thrill of regular season, or try out a simple match. No matter what game mode you choose, your goal is still very simple: to win every match possible. If you manage to do this, your name will be inscribed in Hall of Fame and your legend will never be forgotten. Don't waste more time, play hard and make it to the finals! Remember, win, or go home! That's how simple it is! Our football games online!