Zoo 2 Animal Park



Zoo 2 Animal Park is a simulation of building your own zoo in real time. After your aunt died of her age, your uncle needs help with a family mini zoo. Bunny, goat, horse - that's all you can find here, but they are beautiful and priceless animals for your family. However, the mayor has different plans for this place, the huge shopping center would look better here and would attracts people's attention. It's up to you to save the zoo and build something much bigger!

All strategy game lovers will come into their own in the new Zoo 2 Animal Park game. Build a zoo with hundreds of animal species! Build the zoo, according to your dreams. In the shop you will find lots of decorations, animals, shops with food and drink. You will unlock everything gradually. Now your main task is to prevent the closure of the zoo. Bring people back and make the park a local pride. Have fun!

Game Features

  • Realistic Zoo with lots of animals
  • Freedom, make your own zoo - there are lots of decorations, types of barriers, animals, shops and much more in the store
  • Real-time game
  • Great graphics and animal interaction
  • A wonderful game for free
  • Invite your friends to help you

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Feb 21, 2020

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