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Toilet Rush

Toilet Rush is a fun game for everyone who loves arcade games. It's not just about jumping. Sometimes you have to think further. However, you have to think about it very quickly because you have eaten something after date for lunch, and now it wants to go out!

Run with Meme guy and get to your dream toilet. Controlling is easy with the help of arrows, but sometimes you can move objects using the mouse. The game gives you help in every round. For example: if someone pushed the toilet closer or go by your heart. They're small hints, but when you figure it out it makes sense. The game is meant to be for entertaining, even though we are sorry for poor Meme guy. If you can't find your way in time, poop just go outside. Do your best to get to the toilet in time. Take races with other Memes. Have fun.

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Oct 23, 2019

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