d = movement

s = pick up item

space = shooting

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When you came to your work today, everything seemed normal until some weird guys with glasses stepped out of the door. They did not say a word and went straight to your boss. You have not heard their conversation clearly, yet you have not missed it. They're blackmailers who wanted your boss to pay them a debt. Your supervisor, of course, did not want to pay them anything, so he and the guys started to argue. They threatened him that if he does not pay, his family and the rest of his staff will be killed. He did not listen to their kind words, so he went first... But one of them starts panic and asks his friend why he actually shot him. However, he does not ask questions in this industry, so he has become another game. Stihl jumps through the window and is now on the run before his now-former colleague ... Have fun.

Published on Jul 5, 2018

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