shift = sprint

space = jump

f = use item

r = reload

h = holster weapon

g = grenade

v = melee attack

tab = pause

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Slenderman Must Die: Survivors

While the graphics and controls of the Slenderman Must Die: Survivors seems to be simple, the game task is a different story - although still simple to understand, It's hard to execute - shortly - you must try survive as long as possible. You are in an abandoned area occupied by waves of weird creatures. While you can find nearly unlimited number of opponents, your ammo and weapons are a bit more modest. So, in addition of killing creatures, do not forget to also look and collect ammo.

Game features

  • 5 characters to play for
  • 2 types of camera view - 1st person and 3rd person
  • simple task - survive as long as possible

Age rating: PACO18

Published on Nov 5, 2020

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