Times are hard and it has never been different. Zombie apocalypse is a real threat to the people of today's world as well as to prehistoric animals, such as dinosaurs. But for zombies, it's a very difficult time because they are not as dangerous as they thought. There are many predators bigger and stronger than them. Become a tyrannosaurus rex and try your way through the corpses. Eat as much as possible, collect the flesh that serves you as energy for your moving forward. Do not forget collect the hearts that will fill your life bar. If you die, do not despair, because you can improve your dinosaur. Have fun.

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Score Day
  • 1. TRASHER 25,100
  • 2. theDuke155 theDuke155 2,500
  • 1. TRASHER 29,600
  • 4. Nairine Nairine 11,800
  • 5. User#81109 User#81109 10,100
  • 7. Vladimir Vladimir 6,200

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