e = interact

q = switch weapon

g = use equipment

v = melee attack

z = killstreak

= change killstreak

r = reload

shift = sprint

ctrl = crouch

space = jump

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Wilkin Games

Wilkin Games

Developer | 3 games

Deadswitch 3

Deadswitch 3 is a 2D fast-packed multiplayer action shooting game with plenty of game modes, maps and weapons. In addition of addictive gameplay you can also look forward to great graphics.

Game modes

  • Ranked

    • Play with other players online or set up your own matches against bots
    • Customize your character, custom classes, and killstreaks
    • Unlock new equipment as you progress through the ranks
  • Operations

    • Play objective-based missions solo or with a friend
    • Increase the difficulty to earn more stars
    • Each operation offers a different reward
  • Survival

    • Play objective-based missions solo or with a friend
    • Survive as long as you can against endless waves of enemies
    • Submit your score in leaderboards

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Nov 15, 2020

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