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Girls of all ages love cute kitten from Hello Kitty games. Cuddling kittens demand your attention! Take care of them, dress them, and join them on crazy adventurous trips. These little cats can be even more time demanding than dogs... They want to cuddle all day, and if you forget to give them their bowl of milk, they can even lightly scratch your face so you won't forget next time. But after, who would resist their charming characters, right? These irresistable tiny animals are willing to play any game, just to entertain you as well. So welcome to the world where the games are prior to everything else! Isn't it your dream world? For us, it is!

Play games with colorful graphics, and try out several logic games with Hello Kitty themes. Choose from wide range of clothing items, accessories, color options, and make the cutest combination ever. Cuteness level will reach the skies, but same applies for your gaming abilities test. They will be tested even more than in some action-based games! Yeah, indeed. Kittens can even disguise into a soldier equipment and pretend that they are actually dangerous. Well, unless you leave them with fake guns, then yes, but if you lose them from your sight, check them twice, before you go into the action with them being armed with weapons of unknown origin. You could be very surprised of their evil intentions to take over the whole world! But back to lovely and innocent activities... Or not...? War is coming, brace yourselves! Kitten army is marching forward being protected by some sort of a magical barrier which is deflecting all of our attacks. Who would have ever thought that will be facing an opponent of such origin... Reality can be so cruel! Whether at war, or not, let's have an unforgettable time while playing one of the most entertaining games you can find on the internet. Games with easy to learn controls and addictive gameplay. Hello Kitty is a phenomenon which has conquered whole world including the virtual one! If you know nothing about it, you are making a huge mistake!