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Our dress up games for girls collection will give you an opportunity to change lives of many celebrities, models, and famous people. Open the wardrobe, and choose suitable outfit for them. We have even invited Barbie for this dress up extravaganza! You can follow her advices about fashion in one of our Barbie dress up games! It's not just about Barbie. Here comes Frozen Queen Elsa, Little Mermaid Ariel, or princess Anna. All girls are eager to try out latest models and can't wait to walk out of dressing room to see how stunningly they look! Shirts, skirts, jackets, fur coats, trousers, boots, or even elegant swimsuits for spontaneous pool party! Are you about to celebrate your birthday and don't know what outfit you should wear on this exceptional occasion? Then inspire yourself right here! Or what about wedding? Bride is looking gorgeous. You, as her bridesmaid, shouldn't be behind, though! Check out some elegant combinations that are attractive and formal at once. There are hundreds of such combinations, but you'll surely find the best one which will astonish everyone in the room.

Call your best friend and go to the mall to buy new clothes for upcoming season! Dior and Prada shops open at 9 am. Be first in the queue so you can grab the brand-new models on sale faster than the others! Then rush home and finish your shopping spree by staring at yourself in the mirror. Compliment yourself about how great you look and then invite your classmates to your home so you can hold a fashion contest! Which of the girls will be selected as the most stylish one? Try hard and show them that you have taste for fashion as well! Dress into fabulous pieces of clothes and walk in front of your jealous friends.

Dress up a princess, Barbie, Elsa, Ariel, and many other charming young ladies. Design and create your own models, and sell them to the stores all around the world! Choose clothes for children, moms, or even for your grandmother. Check those virtual stores for latest discounts, and don't miss any special offer!