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Barbie is much more than just a toy! She takes part in many fun activities which you can try out too. Make-up challenge, dress-up challenge, but also a cooking challenge! Who would say that she can even cook, right? But she can, she has already made many delicious meals and you can learn to prepare them with her, especially world-famous Barbies birthday cake . Choose a wedding outfit for her and Ken will be the happiest man ever. Barbie and Ken love date, the perfect picture of two people that love each other. Let Barbie take you on unforgettable adventure. What about her house? She wants to prepare a legendary party for her friends, but her house is one big mess. Help Barbie clean place where the party will take place, and make sure that everything is ready to the utmost detail before the first quest rings the doorbell.

Ready for more action? Then form special Barbie agent team which will reveal top secret information right from the most dangerous villains in the city. Attend yoga classes with other girls, and keep your bodies in shape. Or should we say that this is just another infiltration mission of our special agents? Who knows. You may discover more secrets, if you come to the annual summer fashion contest. Many influential people will attend this event where the most beautiful princess will be crowned as total winner of all beauty contests together. Help Barbie with preparations for this contest, give her your professional advices about her haircut, and new trendy possibilities that could make a real twist to her already fascinating look. Her face! It needs some changes in makeup application. Create wonderful eyelashes with latest mascaras, adjust eyebrows a little bit, and don't forget lips - these need special attention. This red lipstick will surely be a great choice! Choosing right clothes is always a brain-teaser. Combine particular pieces together, and try to create the most stunning outfit ever. Also, don't overlook accessories. Proper choice of rings and amulet can sometimes decide results of such competition, no matter how beautiful in general a girl is. Barbie and her endless possibilities of entertainment have just arrived!