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Experience the thrill of precision in Throwing Knife Challenge, a simulator where your aim is everything. Your objective: score the most points by throwing knives at a moving target. Before the game starts, choose from a variety of 8 targets, each with its unique rotation speed and direction. Use the knife tip as your sight, and with proactive aiming, press the left mouse button to release the knife.

Scoring System:

Points are awarded based on the colored target you hit:

  • Green + 1
  • Blue + 2
  • Red + 5
  • Yellow + 10
  • White - 25% of the score

Be cautious, hitting a person or a bomb ends the game. Cowboys, when hit, retaliate by shooting and deducting points until you successfully throw a knife.

Bonus Feature:

Receive an extra knife by hitting a specific color target. Can you master the art of knife throwing and conquer the scoring board?

Step into the Throwing Knife Challenge and prove your precision skills. Are you up for the ultimate knife-throwing experience?

Age rating: PACO12

Published on Jan 6, 2024

6,985 plays Tags: Casual HTML5 Mouse Skill Crazy games

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