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Run your own restaurant business, and hire chefs, waiters, barmaids, and assistants. Buy a parcel in the city centre, and build your pizzeria empire from scratch. Open bistros, fast-food chains, sushi bar, or a noble vegan restaurant. Enter the food-chain industry, and implement your latest business strategies to grow and earn exciting amounts of money! Our free restaurant games can teach you a thing or two about how real restaurant management looks like. You must have control over every aspect of your chain, whether it is a bakeria, coffee shop, or a first-class fish house. Show off your business skills, and make sure all your customers are being treated well, and that all their orders are fulfilled by your personnel. Find the best-tasting recipes and your customers will be coming back to you over and over. Good reputation is bread and butter of this business. That's why customer's satisfaction should be your priority number one! Keep that in mind and success will come!

Cook the most delicious food and meals in the whole city, and take control over this business area. Don't be worried about experimenting a little bit and discover completely new recipes which will crush your competitors! New ideas bring new opportunities and customers generally like that things! Also don't cheat on sizes of portions you are giving away, you better supervise your assistants from time to time, whether they are doing their job well. Be a good manager, else you won't do well in the long run!

Complete daily challenges, and earn the title for the employee of the month! Working in this industry requires heart and passion for it. Flip burgers, grill meat, fry chips, or bake chocolate pies - all with love! Accept the order, check, whether you have all needed ingredients and start preparing the meal. Keep your eyes on the ingredients you should include, and choose the right sizings. BigMac, Cheeseburger, or Maestro Classic? Which one would you like to taste? All are delicious, but we all have our true champion in our hearts! Welcome to the world of majestic dishes and plates, welcome to our restaurant games online category!