arrows = ride

mouse = interaction

enter = reset car

c = change camera

r = repair car

t = slow time

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SplatPed Evo

3 033 604 plays Tags: Driving 3D Car Mouse Keyboard Simulator Unity 3D WebGL

Living in a city definitely has some advantages. You can hop into a car and enjoy the day having a ride across the city, visiting places you have never seen before. Explore huge city and find out, what is hidden in all those sidestreets. Roam around and you will find a few ramps. Gather some speed and use them to jump in the air and perform some insane flips and twists. With unlocked camera, you can see every detail of your car from whatever angle. Speaking of cars... you can choose from a set of very interesting vehicles. Luxury cars with extreme acceleration and top speeds, off-road cars suitable for exploration of nearby mountains, city cars for both, or even a firetruck ready for every insanity you come up with. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for hours and hours of driving action with total freedom! Have fun.

Published on Dec 26, 2017

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