arrows = drive

n = nitro

c = camera

space = rear brake

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Fury Bike Rider

Fury Bike Rider is a 3D motorbike racing game with 3 various game modes that let a player to race, challenge obstacles or simply enjoy the ride on one of 7 available super motorcycles.

3 Game modes

  • Racing

    Racing mode allows user to race against 5 other AI racers. The goal is to reach a finish between the TOP 3 racers for option to continue into next race. The better position the player reach, the more money for improvement of his motorbike he gets. Beside the final position, there are also extra money for reached time and drift points collected during the race. There are 24 races in total.

    • 12 races at "Sky City"
    • 12 races at "Rally Road"

  • Challange

    Inside Challange mode, player's goal is to overcome all obstacles on the track with his motorcycle. Next goal is to handle it within a limited time. The player is rated by Stars here, the more star, the more money for motorbike improvements. There are 24 challanging rides in 2 maps.

    • 12 rides at "Up The Sea"
    • 12 rides at "Deep forest"

  • Free Driving

    Free driving mode allows to enjoy some rest while riding a motorbike. There is a big city with mountains, plains, seas and ports, in short, many places to explore! While riding the motorbike there, you can also collect up to 80 diamonds that will let you unlock new motorbikes. However, to be possible it, there is necessary to handle collect them within 3 minutes.

Other Features

  • 7 motorcycles to drive
  • Upgrades for higher speed, better acceleration and handling
  • Well set game difficulty
  • 3 various environmnets to ride the bike in

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Jan 25, 2021

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