Car Crash Party (LITE)

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Car Crash Party (LITE)

Car Crash Party (LITE) is an old-style arcade crash arena driving game. The goal is to remain as a last-standing car in each arena battle. To achieve that, there is need to collect extra time + usually cakes that fixes your car. The player continues to the next level automatically after each win, together with that a new car is unlocked so you drive e.g. with a Lambo instead of the basic car. The game allows to play single as well as multiplayer mode.


  • 2 arenas
  • 12 differents crashable cars
  • 4 types of power-up
  • pizzas & cakes make you heavier and stronger but also slower (choose your strategy)
  • sand glasses give you extra time
  • dynamites trigger explosions 15 seconds after contact
  • single player mode to have fun versus the AI
  • multiplayer mode for 8 players
  • automatic bots
  • slowmotion mode
  • optimized for old hardware

Published on Mar 8, 2021

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