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Play one of our 3d basketball games, and experience amazing feelings like you would be a part of a NBA match. Your dreams now can come true. You can be on a field with biggest superstars that ever played this sport. No, you can be even better than them! Train hard, and reach the skies of basketball games online. Begin your professional career, and become a phenomenal player. Start your journey at local school teams, work your way up through the college league, and be ready for your chance being drafted into a top-level NBA team.

Aspire for being a top-tier shooting guard, and focus your trainings on long-range shooting. Shoot from distance, and score as much 3-pointers as you can. If versatility is your domain, and you are a quick and strong guy, you should probably consider playing as small forward. Get closer to the hoop and dunk... your fans will love it. Center is a position for big, muscular guys. Those, who are tough and sturdy, will have clear advantage positioning themselves in low blocks. Power forward has quite similar function as center, but he should be more athletic, quicker, and more proficient in scoring from mid-range shots. And last, but not least, point guard - strategically probably the most important position of all. This spot is ideal for the best ball handlers and passers that are also responsible for making plays and reading the enemy's both defense and offense. No matter what your most favorite position is, outplay your opponents and win the basketball match.

Meet superstars like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, or Stephen Curry, and compare your dunking skills during Slam Dunk Contest. Qualify with your national team to Olympic games, and win gold medals. Opportunities are endless. You can do a chill streetball session behind your house with your friends, or play a professional match in arena with thousands of spectators. You can always change the playground, event, contest, or a league, but rules are still the same. Four quarters, enough time to beat your opponents. Which option will you choose? Put your skills to the test, and don't miss your chance to overwrite the history!