1st Player

arrows = move

4 = low punch

5 = high punch

1 = low kick

2 = high kick 2nd Player




f = move

y = low punch

u = high punch

h = low kick

j = high kick


enter = pause

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Art of Free Fight

Today, we are going to determine which martial arts is the best one. Is it Kung-Fu, Sumo, MMA, Judo, Tai Chi or something else? We do not know yet, but give it a few moments, and we will. We have here the best fighters from each martial arts. The one, who will win all rounds, will be crowned as ultimate martial arts champion. Adaptation will be the key to success here, because you have to learn strengths and weaknesses of all fighters, and consequently exploit them to your advantage. Have fun.

Invite 10 friends and play without ads.

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