WASD = move

mouse = shoot

space = jump

shift = run

x = cover

s = uncover

t = action

r = reload

l = lockunlock mouse

q = change weapon

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Insurgents is back! You can start with the exploring of the new maps, enjoy a lot of new missions in single-player mode, or you can play against other players. Insurgents 2 brings you new locations and improved graphics. Everything is now ready for your maximum gaming experience. The situation has not changed since the last time, and there is chaos and "insurgents" everywhere. Everyone fights for himself, so do not look bach and do not ask no one twice. Just shoot, kill and earn money after a successful mission. Buy the best weapons and ammo. Each character is unique. Choose your look, so your enemies will remember you. Step out of the streets to set up order again or raise even bigger chaos. Have fun.

If you are looking for first sequel of this game, check Insurgents I.

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