WASD = move

mouse = attack

space = jump

shift = run

r = reload

p = pause

tab = switch weapon

e = climb

c = crouch

f = pick up

g = drop weapon

2 = use bandage

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Outlive: The West is a third-person shooter Multi-Player Battle Royale game that takes place in the western setting. The idea derives from Red Dead Redemption 2's Online mode called Gun Rush. If you know this game and you are a huge fan, than you must not miss this one. Graphics is higly sophisticated and you will love it. Are you ready to become the best shooter? Challenge your enemies and your score will be shown in our PacoGames leader board!


The game is a online battle-royale. The player spawns randomly in the map with 7 other players. Players are tasked to explore and scavenge for loot to survive against other contestants. You earn kills, XP and rank throughout each match which works as player progression. Minimum number of players is 2. So take your friend and you can fight against each other.


The game includes four variants of weapons along with 2 Special weapons. Apart from using weapons you can also do melee attack which does a significant amount of damage. You will earn extra XP points if your melee attack is successful. Have fun.

Limit wieku: PACO16

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