1 = turn over

2 = fast

space = stop

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Snail Bob 6: Winter Story

The most favorite holiday of the year is undoubtedly Christmas. Snow, beautiful decoration, Christmas tree, presents and especially the atmosphere and moments spent with your most beloved ones. The best Christmas tree is alive because it smells beautiful. So snail Bob decides to go into the forest to get one and have a nice Christmas with his family. But bad luch finds him again, he lost himself in the forest. Huge snowstorm came and he lost his track. It can not end this way. He can not spend Christmas alone and without his family. Help Bob spend nice merry Cheistmas at home. You and Bob, you can find his home together. Marry Christmas and have fun.

If you like this game, try also Snail Bob 5 Love story or Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story.

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