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Barricade yourself in a tower, in a fort, or in an outpost, and shoot your enemies down before they reach the walls of your defensive structures. Prepare unbreakable defensive strategy, repel attacks of raiders, and fend-off waves of incoming zombies. Get ready for rewarding defense challenges and focus on proper strategy. Act as a real commander and command your forces to advantageous spots to defend rare minerals on unknown planet. Control military forces, set waypoints, firing signals, and focus fire on the incoming enemy! Fortify your armors, raise your shields, and march forward for a counter-attack! Collect, or mine resources to build defensive structures and then upgrade them into towers of destructive potential. Raise different types of towers including magic ones. Cast offensive spells on your enemies and reduce their numbers. Set traps along their way and watch them explode in real time! Try out amazing games like Toy Defense, Tower Defense: Alien Invasion, or Bloble.io, and show us how good tactical mastermind you are! Travel around the world, visit various landscapes and build your fort from scratch. Gather gold to purchase turrets, plasma guns, or rock-throwing statues. Choose difficulty of your game and earn bigger rewards for harder ones.

Your spacecraft is ready, sir! Should we give orders for the conquest of planet XZ14? Oh, damn! We are under attack! Enemy is trying to take us down with their laser weapons, we should launch our defensive mobile tower system to protect our ship. Intergalactic battles in tower defense games? Why not! Go old-school, and choose medieval weapons and artillery, or pledge for more advanced defensive mechanisms like lasers and nuclear weapons. Try to predict the movement of your enemies and place your defensive structures accordingly. Leave no free space to attack and cover all your important resources. Find out the best strategy and show us the gameplay of a real pro! Are you talented enough to beat all these intense games in a given time limit? Execute your tactical commands and destroy everyone and everything in your line of sight! Bring some steel! Our defense strategy is in your hands!