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Our free transformer games collection is the best choice for all gamers who love action movies and playing with toys! Assemble a vehicle, and transform it into powerful machine with automatic guns, and rocket missiles on its back. Transformers movie is coming back to cinemas, but you don't have to wait! You can play one of our transformer games for kids right now! All you need to do is to press the play button! Isn't that amazing? Let the hunt begin! Hunt down Decepticons, and complete your Transformers collection. Drive, race, shoot, jump, and kill - all in once. Don't limit yourself to anything. Enjoy freedom in sandbox type of games and almost endless possibilities in logical ones. What shapes history as well as future? Wars! People are starting to being desperate about the fact that they must sacrifice themselves to showcase strength and respect in armed conflict. Here come robots! Robots are great invention with unimaginable potential which could completely turn the tides of any battle without human casualties. The only downside of implementing of such AI is, obviously, a fact that we don't know the outcome of it. You've probably seen many sci-fi movies where machines took over control from us. Yeah, right! That's it! Play as an unstoppable robot and exterminate all life on our planet. Become a brutal killer and force a battle of colossal proportions! Smash all kinds of "superheroes" like members of Avengers, Superman, Batman, and many others, and show them who is the real boss here! Like in good old Power Rangers times, nothing can beat the power of Megazord!

Control powerful robots, and ask your friend for a quick duel. Battle against other Transformers in the city arena, and be victorious. Choose parts of your transformer, and select the best looking set of guns, helmet, armor, and much more! Mechanical dragons, tigers, behemoths, or armored warriors, all can turn the world into unpredictable chaos! Transform our world into something more of your liking. What is it gonna be? Will it be a world of hate and cruelty, or will you turn it into beautiful cartoon world where everyone is living peacefully? The choice is yours!