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Deep in the ocean, there is a underwater city of Bikini Bottom. There lives Spongebob Squarepants and his friends. Browse our Spongebob games category, and join any exciting underwater adventure! Work for Krusty Krab, and deliver pizzas, find hidden objects, play dress-up games, or open your brand new coloring book, and start painting!

Spongebob got sick once again. If you don't help him in time, Krusty will fire him from his job. It's all connected with his poor lifestyle. He eats junk food all day, he doesn't brush his teeth, and he doesn't care about open wounds at all. He is so stubborn that he doesn't listen to anybody including his doctor. You should take some action, else he will end in a bad shape. His sickness journey begins with issues with his ears. One quick Spongebob Ear Surgery should fix his problems, though. Perhaps, when you heal his ear, he will be able to play his favorite sport, basketball, once again! He cannot wait to invite all his friends for a friendly match and consequent afterparty. Nick Basketball Stars is a professional basketball league of Bikini Bottom and Spongebob is a member of one of the very top teams! And by the way, speaking of those after parties... Each year, they get more and more crazy, and you are obviously on the guest list as well!

Cook burgers, race seahorses, or fight strong starfish. There is so much fun in Bikini Bottom. You just have to know the right people and Spongebob is definitely one of them. Jump over seemingly bottomless chasms, escape from fast and furious white sharks, or paint your love into a coloring book. Deliver pizza orders to various customers and get hard-earned money. Dress Spongebob up into a fairy costume and attend the Bikini Bottom fantasy carnival! Jump, sing, and dance! Let the whole underworld know that you are here to play hard! From action games to strategy ones, with Spongebob, you won't be bored. Prank your friend Patrick Star, and follow those hilariously funny conversation lines. Cartoon gaming under the sea just got to the next level!