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Come and check what famous gastronomical boss Papa Louie opened this time! His foods chains are known all over the world, and celebrities always visit his shops every time when they can! His restaurants, bakeries, donuteries, and pizzerias have reputation of the highest quality. Become Louie's assistant, and help him run his business. Where you can find the most delicious hot dogs in the city? Obviously at Papa's Hot Dogeria! This recently opened shop is renowned for hot dogs of the top-notch quality. People from all over the world are visiting this city just to try out one of his top secret recipes. This Italian gastromage is obviously very proficient in cooking pasta. Rumors say that he is able to prepare pasta in one thousand different ways. Is this guy a real magician? We wouldn't be surprised at all... Real original beef burgers? That's why he opened his latest restaurant chain where he focuses on preparation of world-class burgers. He said that he couldn't bare the quality of other burgerias in the city, so he had to make a move. So he opened his own burgeria and his customers are looking very satisfied since they are coming back every other day.

Donuts, and cupcakes, yet another delicacies! Louie is hiring more stuff. You should apply and help him out. He pays really well and tips from your customers will make your salary even more attractive! Here are the rules, though. You must spend one week in training. Louie is gonna teach you all his tricks. Once you'll be done with his tutorial, you'll be able to prepare the most delicious donuts and cupcakes that you have ever eaten. Take orders from your customers, prepare their meals in time, and make sure that they come back. Cook, grill, bake, and mix correct ingredients, and prepare the most delicious meals ever! Papa's reputation isn't made of rumors. It's made of quality and excellence. Same rule applies for his other food chains. Wingerias, sushirias, or cheeserias. He always uses top-quality ingredients to ensure the most intense gastronomical experience. VIsit one of his restaurants and you won't be disappointed!